Winter 2020 Alumni

Grace Geng

Full Stack Developer

Over the last four months we’ve launched two projects that have felt completely ours: Pulse, which deals with the Canadian Beacon Registry for Search and Rescue, as well as HUD, a tool sharing platform to help the RCAF work from home in the wake of COVID-19. I feel extremely lucky to have had the chance to work on these projects from exploring the initial problem space to launch and iteration. Having the chance to dabble in both the project management and technical side of things has been really eye-opening to see all the moving parts of what really makes a project successful. I’ve always felt trusted and supported to take responsibility and make decisions about where a project should go, and I think that’s something really really unique about the team that’s here at the Flight Deck.

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Silvia George

UX/UI Developer

As a UX/UI Developer, I’ve worked on both designs and writing code for the Flight Deck. On the visual side of things, I came up with the Flight Deck logo and prototyped mockups for SITREP, HUD, and Pulse. I also collaborated with Jon on the Dispatch mobile redesign to make it easier for air crew to complete their forms on the go. In terms of software development, I’ve contributed some Dispatch updates in direct response to user feedback. Some other things I’ve done include implementing an emailing system for Pulse and wrestling with CSS.

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Kiran Manoj Kumar

Backend Software Developer

During my time here I worked with a variety of cool technologies including Ruby on Rails, Django, Docker, Azure and many more. Developing integral features for production level software being used by thousands of Air Force personnel daily was an amazing experience. As to the importance of these applications, one project that I worked on, Sitrep, was rapidly developed during a time of crisis to assist Air Force members with COVID-19 situation reporting. Overall my experience at the Flight Deck was one I’ll never forget!

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Sophia Scott

Marketing Expert & Web Developer

While working at the flight deck, I had the opportunity to take the website from a single, bulky landing page to what it is now. Along the way, I was able to improve my HTML and CSS skills, as well as look into creating inline SVG and working with vector graphic software to create logos and graphics. On top of that, I was able to work closely with lab members to help build marketing material, such as our weekly newsletters that were distributed to RCAF members across Canada. Overall, I really enjoyed my time here and hope to visit in the future!

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