FlightHax Summer 2019

They came, they hacked.

FlightHax Summer 19

August 2019, a group of passionate and creative people came together to reimagine how the Royal Canadian Air Force can tackle the digial challenges of today.

The Flight Deck team put together our first (and Communitech's first!) cross-lab hackathon! The event brought together 17 co-ops from labs like Interac, Digital Kitchener, Wawanesa, FairVentures and more to understand the RCAF, the challenges being faced and to try their hand at implementing innovative solutions.

The Flight Deck team provided a demonstration version of the new Dispatch program which offered a modern API for interacting with Airlifts.

The Hacks

Search and Rescue

An intelligent search heatmap for SAR techs to help identify the most likely locations that an individual may be found. Built with Mapbox.

Predictive Services

A machine learning based recommendation system to automatically request certain handler services based on the aircraft type and load. Built using Bootstrap and Node.

Voice Enabled Dispatch

A voice powered rating service to digitize AC Reports and aid ops in better selecting services for air crews. Built using Amazon Alexa Skills and Figma.

Partner Labs
API Calls