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The Official Flight Deck Newsletter

Issue 01

Happy Valentines Day! In this edition we talk about flight deck after a year, a new feature on dispatch and some of the extracurriculars our coops are taking on.

Issue 02

In this edition, an 8OSS Projects Officer talks about how the Airforce and the Flight Deck collaborate and build tech together, as well as introducing that Flight Deck would be hosting a hackathon!

Issue 03

Happy St. Patricks Day! In this edition, we discuss the agile approach & lean methodology, as well as our new project - tackling Canada's Beacon Verification Program.

Issue 04

The Flight Deck addresses the change in circumstances and how we are adjusting to the work from home lifestyle, as well as talk about some of our favourite tools we are using during this time.

Issue 05

Happy Easter weekend! In this edition, we talk about some more updates to our Dispatch platform, as well as over some suggestions on how improve life during self-isolation!

Issue 06

In this edition, the Flight Deck reached out to our good friends in Trenton to see how they are handling COVID-19 and adjusting to working from home.

Issue 07

In this edition, the Flight Deck's coops reflect on the Winter 2020 term and say their final goodbye's to the FD team.

Issue 08

In this issue we introduce the new Flight Deck team for Spring 2020.

Issue 09

Happy Canada Day! Learn about design thinking, working from home during COVID and a hot tech tip!

Touch & Go Podcast

Fall '19, Meet Winter '20

A candid conversation about working for The Flight Deck to drive innovation for the Royal Canadian Air Force. Key takeaways from former coops and an update from the current team.

Meet Our Leaders

Meet the team! A group of devoted leaders who are passionate about innovation and work hard to prove that great ideas have no rank!


Our first hackathon!

Co-op at the Flight Deck

A look into the co-op experience from the point of view of an University of Waterloo student.

Spring 2019 Flight Deck Team

Back on Track

July 2019: An update on the projects we are currently working on at the Flight Deck.

Lunch & Learn

First Lunch and Learn
Second Lunch and Learn
Third Lunch and Learn
Fourth Lunch and Learn